Saturday, May 23, 2009

Prof Asma Talk on RU

Prof Dr Asma, the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research & Innovation) from USM came to UiTM to give a talk on Research Uinversity. Due to Zawati's demise, I was not able to attend the talk. Nevertheless, one of my committee members, Puan Khasiah Zakaria gave me the following email for our perusal: "Assalamualaikum wbt.
We just got back from the Prof Asma talk about RU, then adjourned to tea with Dato VC ,,,
1. we only need to concentrate on journals in Scopus and ISI only..
2. must do urgent bengkel of all the deans about RU esp on how to fill in the form
3. must work on the reporting of Scopus and ISI so everybody knows,
4. just buy the ISI...cannot wait for d consortium....

these are d things i remember most , d rest will be sent later " Khasiah Zakaria

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