Friday, January 21, 2011

ARI First Meeting in 2011

ARI welcomes three new research fellows who are just being appointed this year(2011): Associate Prof Dr Zaiton Hamim and Ms Habibah Kiprawi from the Faculty of Law and Dr Mohamad Norman from the Faculty of Information Management. Both Dr Zaiton and Ms Habibah are legal experts and we hope that they can contribute their expertise by undertaking research projects related to the study of financial criminology. Dr Norman on the other is an expert in information management and his expertise is certainly handy in facilitating ARI to document research related to fraud incidents. Such documentation is extremely important for researchers to identify trends and to enable them to propose fraud prevention programs. Though today is the first ARI's meeting for 2011, members' attendance was good - an almost full house. What a way to start the new year. The meeting basically discussed the draft contents of ARI Strategic Planning 2011-2015 document, reviewed ARI's performance & KPI for 2010 and planned for training and other activities for 2011....

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