Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Researchable Topics

It was interesting to review some of the new researchable topics being presented by some of our researchers who are pursuing their higher degree programs. These topics are in line with the current needs of the industry, profession and academia:
(1) Carbon Accounting and Green Taxation
(2) Fair Value Accounting of Financial Statements
(3) Valuation Issue of Fair Value Accounting
(4) The cost of anti-money laundering to financial institutions
(5) The Role and Effectiveness of financial intelligence units in promoting AML/CFT measures
(6) The role and function of the Auditor General Office of the Government (AOG) in mitigating financial shenanigans
(7) The use of non-profit organizations as conduit to money laundering and terrorism financing
(8) Developing code of governance and financial reporting framework for charity organisations

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