Friday, July 10, 2015

Researchable Topics in Islamic Financial Criminology

Financial Criminology
Islamic Finance & Muamalat
Camouflaged Fraud Detection
Islamic Finance Development

Money Laundering types, prevention & detection, rules & regulation
Financial Crisis and Islamic Finance
Auditor Specialisation & Fraudulent Financial Reporting
Maqasid al-Shariah in Financial Transactions
Fraud Detection and Prevention Models
Islamic Finance Instruments
Risk Management, Fraud risk indicators and red flags
Compliance on Corporate and Shariah Governance
Risk in Islamic Banks
Theory of Islamic Contract
Tax Fraud and Preventive Mechanisms
Shariah Compliance of Financial Products
Legislative Punishment in Financial Fraud
Shariah and Legal Issues
Combating corruption
Islamic Micro-financing
Existing level of legal requirement & policies on financial criminology in Malaysia, Australia, UK & US
Shariah Audit
White collar crime and the criminal justice system
Waqaf Management
Shariahs normative framework as to financial crime and abuse
Corporate Zakat Management
Integrity & Ethics
Zakat Investment
Whistleblowers regulation, policies & effectiveness
Sukuk and Securitization
Commercial crime and financial implications
Operational Risks, Shariah Compliance and Internal Control
Trade-Based Money Laundering
Islamic Social Enterprise Governance
Transfer Pricing Manipulation
Economic Transformation through Islamic Microfinance
Tax Planning, Tax Avoidance and Tax Evasion
Mitigating Terrorism Financing through Effective AML/CFT Regime
GST s a Mechanism to Mitigate Money Laundering
Islamic Philanthropy and its  Governance