Saturday, March 5, 2016

International Research Collaboration with the Faculty of Economics, Universitas Riau (UNRI), 11-12 February 2016, Riau, Indonesia

Recently the Accounting Research Institute (ARI) has been invited by the Faculty of Economics, Universitas Riau, Indonesia to provide a research proposal and publication workshop. The workshop was a 2-day event, 11-12 February 2016 and was attended by 51 participants from UNRI and another four universities in Riau such as Universitas Islam Riau, Universitas Islam Negeri, Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi Riau and Universitas Lancang Kuning. Prof. Dr Takiah Iskandar, ARI Distinguish Research Fellow and Assoc. Prof Dr Zuraidah Mohd Sanusi, ARI Senior Research Fellow have given two talks on “Selecting a right journal for your publications” and “What Makes A Good Journal Article? ” to the audience. The workshop was facilitated by three other lecturers, Assoc. Prof Dr Amrizah Kamaluddin, Lecturer of Faculty of Accountancy, UiTM Selangor, Dr Hatta Hj. Sapwan, Lecturer of Faculty of Accountancy, UiTM Perak and Dr Siti Haliza Asat, Lecturer of Faculty of Accountancy, UiTM Perak.
The objective of the collaboration is to boost the research output of the Accounting and Business lecturers in Riau Province at the international level. As stated by the Dean of Faculty of Economics, UNRI, Dr. Sri Indarti, SE., M. Si., this workshop is very timely in line with the objective of the Indonesia Ministry of Education to increase the number of journal publication in Scopus index. In order to meet this objective the Ministry Education as well as the university provides monetary incentives for the lecturers. The working committee of the workshop receives a strong support from the faculty management members, Dr Rita Anugerah, Head of the Research Development of Accountancy and Finance, and Prof. Dr Ria Nelly Sari, Senate Members of Faculty of Economics, and the top management of the Faculty of Economics of UNRI.  The Faculty organizes activities for research, conferences and publications involving the faculty members jointly with other universities. The Faculty of Economics of UNRI has demonstrated conceited efforts to increase the research output of the Faculty and to enhance the credibility of the academic staffs.  At the end of the workshop, about 20 research proposals and 25 draft papers for publications have been compiled. The Faculty of Economics of UNRI is also planning to submit 10 papers from this workshop for the upcoming conference in Perak, the International Conference on Accounting Research and Education (ICARE) 22-23 Aug 2016 being organized by the Faculty of Accountancy, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Perak. This conference is being chaired by Dr Hatta Hj Sapwan with the Faculty Economy, UNRI and ARI, UiTM as the conference partners.

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