Monday, June 20, 2016

Working Visit from Malaysian Institute of Integrity

The Accounting Research Institute welcomes officers from its long-standing research and consulting collaborative partner - Malaysian Institute of Integrity (IIM) - Mr Mohd Nizam Ali, Wan Noraini and Mr Rais from the Centre for Knowledge and Consultancy on Integrity for their visit today.
IIM's role is crucial in the establishment of one of ARI's leading research cluster in Corporate Ethics and Integrity.  In 2010, researchers from ARI together with some leading researchers from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance (INCEIF) and the Securities Industry Development Corporation (SIDC) developed a Corporate Integrity Assessment Questionnaire (CIAQ).  The Corporate Integrity System Assessment Questionnaire (CIAQ) is used to evaluate implemented Corporate Integrity Systems.  CIAQ comprises twelve important dimensions namely Vision & Goals, Infrastructure, Confidential Advice & Support,
Ethics communications, Ethics Training & Education, Disciplinary Rewards & Measure, Measurement Research & Assessment, Organisational Culture, Whistleblowing, Leadership, Legal Compliance, Policies & Rules and Corporate Social Responsibility.  During the visit today, the team discussed strategies and efforts to enhance wider implementation of CIAQ among corporate players.  The meeting further discussed the need to source research budget to support research and the digitization of CIAQ as a measure of corporate integrity at workplaces.  In the long run, CIAQ will form an important "CEO Dashboard" item in corporations.  It is expected that a strong corporate integrity culture will result in healthy capital market development. Through digitized corporate Integrity Assessment tool, corporations can analyse and measure their own integrity implementation scores.  This preventive measure will hopefully reduce corruption and financial leakages in organisations.

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