Wednesday, July 13, 2016

ARI Welcomes our new Research Fellow

The Accounting Research Institute (ARI) welcomes our latest addition, Associate Professor Dr Ayub Md Som from the Faculty of Chemical Engineering.  Dr Ayub research interests are in the areas Process Systems Engineering, Expert Systems Modelling, Multi-Parametric Programming and Model Based Predictive Control. Dr Ayub will be a welcome addition to ARI as he can help develop a Decision Support System for ARI's niche research in Islamic Financial Criminology (IFC).  ARI's research in Islamic Financial Criminology is currently conducted through four strategic clusters: Islamic-Based Value Creation products and governance; Corporate Integrity and Risk Management; Anti Money-Laundering Regime and Fraud Detection Methodologies.  The development of a Decision Support System  will integrate the four clusters and digitize the various research products for ease of commercialization. 

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