Saturday, December 18, 2010

ARI Strategic Planning Meeting

Day One:
The group left the university to spend three days in Genting Highland to discuss ARI's next five-year strategic planning Blueprint for 2011-2015. A total of 39 ARI members attendend the meeting. Premised on the MyRA form which is used to evaluate centres of excellence, our strategic discussion will be based on eight dimensions. They are namely (1) Quantity and quality of researchers, (2) Quantity and Quality of research, (3) Quantity of postgraduats, (4)Quality of postgraduates, (5) Innovation, (6)Professional Services and gifts, (7) Networking and linkages and (8) Support facilities. The strategic meeting is attended by research fellows, heads of research centres and special interest groups. The first day started with a briefing on "Securing International Research Grants" by ARI's distinguished visiting professor, Dr Omar Masood.

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