Monday, December 6, 2010

CSSR 2010: Tutorial sessions

Day One:The first day of CSSR is filled with useful tutorials. For the social science researchers, three tutorial sessions are useful and relevant to them. They are namely:(1) Writing Research Articles for the Engineering Field by Dr Ramesh Nair. This session elaborates part of a large study that examined the writing of Malaysian Academics and the author highlights lessons that we can laern from the engineering researchers; (2) Research, Publication, Citation and World-Class University by Prof Szarina Abdullah. The tutorial explains the significance of research, publication and citation, which cummulatively have been used, interalia as indicators of world class universities; (3) Researching into Forecasting Management: From Quantitative to Qualitative Study by Prof Rozainun, ARI's own member. This topic presents a way forward within the area of Management Accounting, in particular with the role of planning. The main emphasis here is forecasting management, which has received attention and interest among the forecasters to examine the behavioural aspects of forecasting. All in all, it was a good starter for CSSR 2010.

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