Friday, March 11, 2011

ARI-CCM Collaboration

The Accounting Research Institute and the Company Commision of Malaysia (CCM) has agreed in principle to conduct a joint research project on "The Governance and Financial Management of Non-profit Organizations in Malaysia". As far as ARI is concerned, we have initiated our research by visiting the Singapore Charity Comission and non-profit organization office last January. Through imterviews and site visits, we learned first hand how Singapore has beem succesful in managing its charity and non-profit organizations. To date, a concept paper on NPO Governance has been prepared by ARI reseachers. A one-day research seminar cum workshop to meet up and discuss with non-profit organizations has been arranged either on 19 or 25 May 2011. A meeting to discuss the workshop will be held on 11 March 2011 at the CCM.

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