Monday, March 21, 2011

CoEs for Lawyers?

One of the most interesting responsibilities that the Accounting Research Institute as a HICoE has to undertake is to play "big sister", to mentor and to coach aspiring centres of excellence to go to greater heights. Today, ARI Director, Prof Dr Normah Omar was invited by the Faculty of Law, UiTM to share our experiences and "journey to HICoE". The Faculty of Law is one of the oldest faculties in the university. It plays a significant role in producing a large number of qualified Bumiputra lawyers for the country. There are also many very experienced and qualified lecturers and researchers at the faculty. To name a few, they include Prof Dato' Shad Faruqi, Prof Dr Lim, Prof Dato' Hussein and Associate Prof Dr Zaiton, who themselves are towering personalities within the law fratenity. In her briefing, the Dean, Associate Professor Saudah indicated that there are currently three Research Interest Groups (RIGs)in the faculty. The Faculty of Law also took pride in its refereed journal, UiTM Law Review. With the appointment of a new Deputy Dean (Research & Networking), the Faculty of Law is moving very fast to establish its own centre of excellence. Forming a CoE is no rocket science. But members of the faculty must work in synergy and should deliberately inculcate effective teamwork culture. Insyaallah, God willing, a dynamic centre of excellence will soon be formed....

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