Thursday, December 29, 2011

ARI's Phase 2 Proposal Retreat

Day 3
The proposal presentations continued on the third day of the Retreat. Useful feedback from the panels would be effectively incorporated in the research proposals. Cluster heads and their members made plans on interim reviews so as to ensure that research projects progress as planned. To support its global aspiration to become a regional centre of excellence in the niche research area of Islamic Financial Criminology, the Accounting Research Institute (ARI)has recently established its own strategic initiatives known as "C-Cure". ARI's current C-Cure initiaves are namely: C-Cure International Grant, C-Cure Training, C-Cure Post Graduates, C-Cure PI, C-Cure Collaboration, C-Cure Publication and C-Cure Innovation.
The focus of 2012 research projects is to forge regional and international collaboration with renowned researchers and research centres. In a nutshell, the Retreat has achieved its objectives. In addition to the successful completion of its 2012 research proposals, Retreat 2011 at Port Dickson has been a great platform for team building for ARI researchers. May 2012 be another great year for all of us...

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