Friday, December 2, 2011

HICoE Audit 2011

The Accounting Research Institute (ARI)welcomes two HICoE auditors or assessors Prof Dr Muhammad bin Jantan (MJ) and Associate Professor Dr Stephanie Pillai. The duo came to Universiti Teknologi MARA to conduct a site visit on ARI's 2010 performance as a Higher Institutions' Centre of Excellence. The audit basically focuses on five main agendas: (i)to evaluate ARI HICoE's first year fundamental research projects in the area of Islamic Financial Criminology, (ii)to verify ARI's HICoE budget utilization, (iii)to discuss any matters or issues arising from ARI HICoE's implementation, (iv)to evaluate ARI's institutional profiles and to determine ARI's readiness to become a regional player and (v)for ARI to showcase its second year's research projects in the niche area of Islamic Financial Criminology. The one day event was attended by ARI's research fellows, Heads of Research Centres, research associates and research assistants. In their exit report, the auditors indicated their overall satisfaction with ARI's progress and development. Two very important suggestions proposed were (i) In view of its research focus in Islamic Finance and Financial Criminology, ARI should set up its own Research Ethic Committee (REC)to oversee ethics-related matters with respect data confidentiality and disclosures; and (ii)In showcasing its potential as a regional HICoE, ARI should develop measurable characteristics of its researchers so that they could be benchmarked by others. In a nutshell, ARI members appreciate the professionalism shown by the two auditors througout the audit session. Thank you..

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