Thursday, January 12, 2012

Post Doctoral Lecture

In his first post-doctoral lecture series at the Accounting Research Institute (ARI), Dr Ghani Majidi discussed a topic on "Poverty Eradication through Zakat and Islamic Microfinancing Vehicle". This research topic is part of ARI HICoE's fundamental research in Islamic Accounting & Finance. Dr Ghani is an economist by training and it is interesting to see how he blends economics, finance, accounting and theology in his research. Premised on a "Karamma model", the concept integrates Islamic microfinancing with supply-based business venture.
Dr Ghani is currently a post-doctoral scholar at ARI. He will be attached with the institute for a period of one year. Whilst here, he will embark on a few research projects with ARI researchers in the area of Islamic Microfinancing. Prior to joining ARI, Dr Ghani who obtained his PhD in Economics from Essex Universty, UK had several teaching experience in Sweden and England.

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