Saturday, April 7, 2012

Understanding the Glossary of MyRA Instrument - Part 2

This entry focuses on MyRA terms that are often misinterpreted when completing the MyRA form:
1. Mixed Mode programmes - are postgraduate programmes with 70% research and 30% coursework components
2. Principal investigator - lead researcher whose project either : (i) commences in the current year, (ii) commenced in previous year and remains active in the current year or (iii)project completed in the current year. A principal investigator is recognized once/year despite the fact that he/she is involved in more than one projects.
3. PhD/professional qualifications - A staff with both PhD & professional qualifications is recognized once under one category only
4. Innovation Awards are only for gold medals won at international events such as SIIF, BIS, INPEX, IENA and few others
5. Impact Factor Journals include those journals that are indexed with SCOPUS/ISI/SCI/SSCI/ERA
6. Please take note the following journals are not considered in MyRA score computation: Academic Journal, Eurojournal, CG Publishing and African World Press7. Section C now includes "Total number of chapters in book"
8. Research Grants from government - benchmark amount is RM30,000 for S&T and RM12,000 for Social Sciences
9. Research Grants from private funding - benchmark amount RM10,000 for S&T and RM6,000 for Social Sciences
10. Research funding from international sources - benchmark amount RM10,000 S&T and RM12,000 for Social Sciences
11. Innovation focuses on patents granted, patents pending, commercialized product (to external parties only), technology know-how and IPR/copyright (inclusive of original writings not yet listed in section C
12 Professional services and gifts consider income generated from training courses, consultancy, research endowment and gifts such as equipment and research materials

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