Sunday, April 8, 2012

Understanding the Glossary of MyRA Instrument - Part 3

More explanations on MyRA terminologies as follows:
1. International Institution participation in research-related activities include the following: Total number of MOUs signed; total programme implemented under each MOU; total number of staff involved in joint research project; Total number of international students participating in undergraduate/postgraduate/exchange programme; total number of students sent abroad for training and total number of staff sent abroad for training
2. Membership in international bodies/association focuses on (i)number of membership in international bodies and (ii) number of staff appointed as leader/committee for international bodies
3. International projects examine (i) total number of staff involved as project leader and (ii) total amount of international grants
4. International fellowship/scholarship refers to total number of staff awarded international fellowship/scholarship
5. Similarly items 1-4 are also applicable at the national level
6. Support facilities are accredited laboratories (e.g OECD, FDA, Department of standard) and library facilities

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