Thursday, December 22, 2016

ARI Globalisation Agenda 2017

Time waits for no one.  As we are finishing the year 2016, we are also celebrating the coming of 2017.  For ARIANS,  2017's main agenda is "Globalising ARI HICoE and Advocating Research & Development in Islamic Finance and Financial Criminology". Strategic actions outlined for 2017 globalisation agenda includes: (i) Sourcing for international research grants through smart partnerships and research collaborations with agencies in OIC countries and European Erasmus program; (ii) Professional certification of ARI fellows in the strategic areas of Enterprise Risk Management from ERMA, Islamic Finance from IBFIM & IRTI, Financial Criminology from ACFE and Anti Money-Laundering specialisation from ACAMS.  Professional certifications will enable ARIANS to become specialists in Islamic Finance and Financial Criminology.  
International research collaborations and specialised trainings will certainly enhance ARI's presence globally and strengthen its financial standings in the long run; (iii) Academic publications of ARI's niche  research in Islamic Financial Criminology in Q1 & Q2
journals through international co-authorship program with reputable authors; (iv) Indexing of ARI two journals - Malaysian Accounting Review and Asia-Pacific Management Accounting Journal with SCOPUS, Thomson Reuters &  Islamic World Science Citation Database (ISC); (v) ASEAN research, training and conference organisations with universities in Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, in tandem with the spirit of the ASEAN Economic Community; (vi)
Internationalisation of ARI's four postgraduate programs - Master in Islamic Finance & Muamalat, Master in Financial Criminology, PhD in Islamic Finance & Muamalat and PhD in Finanacial Criminology to potential students of OIC countries. (vii)  Offering of Master-Class Professional certification program with global professional partners.  Inshaallah, God willing, ARIANS will bring ARI HICoE
and UiTM to greater heights.  The ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) will come into full force in 2017.  The Accounting Research Institute will take advantage of this governmental initiative to promote Islamic Financial Criminology as a new knowledge corpus to be reckoned with.

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