Tuesday, June 28, 2011

HICoE Progress Meeting

The main aim of the Ministry of Higher Education's HICoE initiative is to fulfill a big research agenda for Malaysia. Each HICoE is to drive a niche research area which is considered important for the country's economic progress. For the Accounting Research Institute (ARI), our research thrust is in Islamic Financial Criminology. In essence, there are two very important elements to this thrust: Islamic Accounting & Finance and Financial Criminology. To date, ARI has identified five international universities that will be our global research partners for 2011/2012 in the area of Islamic Accounting & Finance: Oxford Centre of Islamic Studies, University of Durham, University of Dundee, Ashton Business School and University of Bahrain. Meanwhile, for research in Financial Criminology, ARI will be collaborating with at least four universities from Australia - Australia National University, University of Canberra, University of New South Wales and University of Wollonggong; Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) and Teesside University (United Kingdom). Today, ARI Director, Prof Dr Normah Omar and five other HICoE directors (from INFORMM, IBS, UMPEDAC, CDR and UMBI) attended a HICoE progress meeting with Prof Jailani and Prof Nava from MOHE. The meeting with a theme "Holding Hand session" symbolizes the need for all HICoEs to work collaboratively with the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) in ensuring that we deliver a "success story". After all, HICoE is a national agenda and we are all responsible to make sure that the initiative will be a successful one. Looks like all HICoE directors are reporting some very good progress in their respective niche research area.

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