Thursday, June 16, 2011

PhD Research Proposal Series

A new cohort of aspiring candidates attended a five-day PhD research workshop on 13-17 June 2011.
The workshop was organized by the university's Institute of Leadership & Quality Management (ILQaM). Three of ARI's own members: Prof Dr Rashidah Abdul Rahman (Deputy Director of ARI ), Prof Dr Rozainun (Head of AFARe) and Prof Dr Normah Omar (Director of ARI)facilitated the workshop. More than sixty candidates attended the social-science group. At the end of the workshop, participants presented their draft PhD research proposals. During the five-day workshop, participants were introduced to basic concepts such as research problems, research framework, research design, research methods, research variables, research questions, hypothesis, statistical analysis and research proposals. In addition to the technical aspects of research methodology, facilitators are often encouraged to share with participants their own experiences when they themselves were undertaking their PhD program....

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