Thursday, June 9, 2011

ICFC 2011: Strengthening Enforcement

Day Two

The second day of the International Conference on Financial Criminology 2011 was packed with exciting events: Three parallel sessions and one plenary session. The three parallel sessions were divided into three different tracks with a total of twenty three (23) papers. Track One focuses on Accounting, Finance and Islamic Products & services with seven papers being presented. Track Two, Accountability, Legal Framework and Islamic Perspective with seven papers and Track Three, Anti-Money Laundering, Ethics & Education has nine papers. The list of these twenty three titles are as follows: 1. Fraud Risk Management, Legal Framework and Implementations; 2. Cybercrime Law: Governing Cyber Security Threats in the Information Age; 3. Financial Criminology from Shariah and Islamic Perspective; 4. Ultimate Islamic Financing Option: Divine Perspective & Future Prospects; 5. Accountability, Legal Framework & Islamic Perspective
6. Religiousness and Behavioural Intention of Fraudulant Financial Reporting
7. Performance of Bai'Bithaman Ajil & Mudarabah using BSC; 8. Financial Fraud in the Public Sector; 9. Financial Reporting Fraud: Perspective from Corporate Governance; 10. Offences Under Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Terrorism Financing Act; 11. Tax Evasion and Money Laundering
12. Inside the Mind of a Criminal
13. Influence of ownership Structure & Corporate governance on Tax Policy; 14. Profiling Fraud Cases in Malaysian Public Sector; 15. Anti-Money Laundering and Ethical Practices; 16. Islamic Work ethic Practices Among Employees of Banking Institutions; 17. Governance of Charity Organizations as Fraud Preventive Mechanism; 18. Corporate Human Right Violation in Developing Countries
19. Waqf Land Acquisition in Kedah; 20. Legal Framework Approach to Prevent Crime on IFIs: Practices in Malaysia
21. Anti-Fraud Role of Corporate Gatekeepers; 22. Money Laundering in Disguise? Illegal Migrant Remittance to Home Countries; 23. Factors Influencing Service Tax Evasion. Three panelists, Prof Humayun Dar, Prof Arfah Salleh and Mr Awang Armadajaya participated in the Planeray Session entitled "Bridging Islamic Philosophy and Commercial Practices : Key to Mitigating Financial Fraud and Money Laundering". All in all ICFC 2011 made an impact to all participants. See you all in next year's ICFC 2012

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