Friday, August 5, 2011

External Appointments

As part of the university's effort to encourage participation of external experts (both at national and international levels) with the university's own scholars, a committee has been set up to come up with criteria, proposed activities and deliverables.
The committee headed by the deputy vice chancellor (academic and internationalisation) Prof Dr Azni Zain Ahmed is assisted by professors and selected senate members. ARI director, Prof Dr Normah Omar is a member of this committee. Following through a draft working paper prepared at Frasers Hill early this year, the committee met today to finalize the proposed criteria, activities, expected outcome and quantum of honorarium payment for these experts. Within the ambit of these external appointments are positions for visiting noble laurettes, distinguished visiting professors, distinguished visiting scholars, distinguished visiting scientists, distinguished creative artists, industry panel experts, visiting fellows, external examiners, academic advisors, visiting research fellows, adjunct professors and many others. The finalized draft will be deliberated at the senate meeting for subsequent approval.

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