Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Rasch Model for Accounting Research?

In our effort to enhance the quality of our research, research fellows and post graduate students at the Accounting Research Institute (ARI) have always been looking for options for their data analysis. Just as in many other social science research, we often deal with perceptional studies that use ordinal data. The use of the Rasch Model in accounting research provides another rich dimension for our data analysis. Premised on the concept of probability, the model transforms ordinal data to logit data. According to Wikipedia, Rasch models allow researchers to use data from assessments to measure variables such as abilities, attitudes, and personality traits. For example, they may be used to estimate a student's reading ability from answers to questions on a reading assessment, or the extremity of a person's attitude to capital punishment from responses on a questionnaire. Application of the models can also provide information about how well items or questions on assessments work to measure the ability or trait. The two-day Rasch Model workshop organized by the Post Graduate Students Association ended on a high note. One should look at his or her research data beyond "what is obvious"....

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