Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Research Talk on Strategic Management Accounting

The Asian Management Accounting Research Centre (AMARC), one of ARI's research cluster group organized a research talk for students and staff today. The speaker, a renowned researcher and author, Emeritus Professor Dr Michael E. Tayles from Hull University Business School. Prof Tayles's talk titled "Strategic Management Accounting Practices: Sharing of Empirical Evidences" compares practices in the UK, USA and Australia. Effectively, there is implication showing: (i)a significant shift on the role of management accounting from operational focus to strategic focus and
(ii) the increasing use of management accounting principles to evaluate intangible items rather than just focusing on tangibles. Today, the role of management accounting has shifted from the traditional "providing financial information to management for control and decision making purposes" to that of a business partner and helping the organizations towards value creation.

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