Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day 2: PECIPTA 2011

PECIPTA 2011 went on smoothly on the second day. There's a lot of visitors, including foreigners who are interested to know more about the event and the products.
There's a number of bussiness owners who are keen to collaborate with researchers and research institutes in developing innovative products or new instrumentation that could improve productivity or efficiency of organizations. Interestingly, the junior inventor category showcases a lot of products that have great potential for commercialization. The Accounting Research Institute receives a few visitors who are keen to work collaboratively with ARI to develop new training programs such as forensic accounting, wasiat management and wqaf administration. Unfortunately, whilst some participants and inventors are very enthusiastic to showcase their products, others are only interested with the judging aspect of the event and had "close shop" and left their booth empty on the second day itself. It is unfortunate that they might have to miss great opportunity when interested parties who came to their booth were not able to see their products at all (there's a number of such occasions...)

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