Friday, September 23, 2011

ICGA 2012 Meeting in Sarawak

The UiTM-ACCA Asia-Pacific Centre for Sustainability (APCeS), one of the eight research centres at the Accounting Research Institute (ARI) will be organizing the 2012 International Conference on Governance and Accountability (ICGA 2012) on 15-18 February 2012 in Kuching, Sarawak.
The 2012 ICGA conference will be jointly organized with several other organizations namely (i) The Indonesian Centre for Social and Environmental Accounting Research Centre and Development (ICSEARD), (ii) Social Responsibility Research Centre Network (SRRNet - UK), (iii)DeMonfort University's Centre for Research into Organisation and Governance (CROG-UK); (iv)Centre for Accounting, Governance and Sustainability (CAGS), University of South Australia; (v) CSR Asia and (vi) The International Group on Governance, Fraud, ethics and Social Responsibility (IGonGFERS). Themed "Ethics, Accountability and Governance: Towards Sustaining Value Creation", ICGA 2011 attracts many renowned speakers which include Professor Lee Parker, Professor Roger Burri (both are from the University of South Australia) and Ms Rikke Netterstrom from CSR Asia. Today, Associate Prof Dr Faizah Darus (Head of APCeS, Dr Corina Joseph (Coordinator of APCes Sarawak Chapter) and their team members organized a meeting to discuss progress of ICGA 2012.

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