Sunday, September 18, 2011

Meeting Prof Schneider

It is such a privilege for ARI members to have the opportunity to meet Professor Friedrich Schneider who is one of the guest speakers at the IFCTF 2011. We were invited to the IFCTF 2011 welcome dinner at JW Marriott Hotel in Kuala Lumpur. Professor Schneider (in grey shirt) is a Full Professor of Economics at Johannes Kepler University of Linz, Austria. He was President of the Austrian Economic Association (1997-1999) and President of the German Economic Association (2005-2008 ). He has also been consultant to numerous organisations including the Brussels EU Commission, IMF and the World Bank. He has published extensively in leading Economics journals including The American Economic Review, The Quarterly Journal of Economics, The Economic Journal and the Journal of Economic Literature. He has also published numerous book chapters and books including The Shadow Economy (with Dominik H. Enste, Cambridge Uni. Press, 2002), The Encyclopaedia of Public Choice Vol. I and II (with Charles K. Rowley, Kluwer, 2004), Changing Institutions in the European Union (Edward Elgar, 2004), Readings in Public Choice and Constitutional Political Economy (together with Charles K. Rowley, Springer Publishing Company 2008), and The Economics of the Hidden Economy (editor of 2 volumes, in: Mark Blaug (ed.). In addition to his wide publication in economics, Prof Schneider has also written numerous discussion and journal papers in the areas of economic crime and terrorism financing.

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