Friday, March 2, 2012

ARI Publication Retreat - Day 1

The three-day publication retreat organized by Accounting Research Institute (ARI)started today with more than sixty researchers who participated in ARI's phase one research projects in Islamic Financial Criminology. The event started in the afternoon with a short briefing by Prof Dr Normah Omar, ARI Director. That was followed by ARI's monthly meeting with research fellows and heads of the eight research centres. The discussions involved updates on ARI's activities as well as progress reports of ARI's five-year strategic plans by all seven "C-Cure" project managers. After dinner, the retreat resumed with four parallell sessions of research progress presentation of all forty two projects by researchers. Since all projects are expected to be completed by July 2012, reseachers are also required to present their plans for the next four months in terms of budget utilization, finalization of five research spinoffs and the publication of two indexed journal articles. All in all, the majority of research projects have progressed very well. Congratulations. ARI looks forward to all research deliverables in July 2012...

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