Saturday, March 31, 2012

CISM for Malaysia

The Accounting Research Institute (ARI) is greatly honoured to be given the opportunity to work closely with the Malaysian Institute of Integrity (IIM) to develop a self-assessment questionnaire for Corporate Integrity System Malaysia (CISM). The self-assessment CISM is essentially premised on twelve categories of corporate ethics and integrity. They are namely (1) vision and goals, (2) Leadership, (3) Infrastructure, (4) Legal compliance, policies and rules, (5) Organizational culture, (6) Disciplinary & reward measures, (7)Measurement, research and assessment, (8)Confidential advice and support, (9) Ethics training and education, (10) Ethics communications, (11) Whistleblowing and (12) Corporate social responsibility. A total of 214 descriptors have been used to measure the corporate integrity system. Self assessment CISM questionnaire has been developed by the academic group together with IIM based on a successful adaptation of the Global Ethics and Integrity Benchmark by Dubinsky and Richter from USA. What is so special about the CISM self-assessment questionnaire is its ability to benchmark against global best practices. The questionnaire is available on IIM website ( and corporations are encouraged to participate in the self-assessment survey.

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