Sunday, March 4, 2012

ARI Publication Retreat - Day 3

On the third and final day of the publication retreat, researchers submitted their draft journal articles to the secretariate. Whilst a total of twenty eight titles are ready to be sent to selected indexed journals, the remaining still needed time to be edited. Hence, researchers have been given another month to complete their articles. The research titled "Risk Management Practices in Islamic Financial Institutions in Malaysia, Bahrain and UAE", headed by Prof Dr Rashidah Abdul Rahman was selected as the "most promising ARI HICoE Phase One research project". All in all, the publication retreat achieved its target of producing draft journal articles to be published in indexed accounting journals. By the time the research end in July 2012, ARI expects to publish at least 84 journal articles related to Islamic Financial Criminology from its first phase projects. Between now and July, each research group is encouraged to organize its own publication workshops and to ensure at least five research spinoffs are achieved from the research project.

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