Monday, July 9, 2012

Methadone Maintenance Theraphy (MMT) Project

Researchers comprising Prof Dr Normah Omar from the Accounting Research Institute (ARI)of Universiti Teknologi MARA; Prof Rusli Ismail, Dr Nasir, Dr Wan Nazirah & Ms Ina from the Institute of Molecular Medicine (INFORMM)of Universiti Sains Malaysia met up with two prison officers (Hj Darussalam and Mr Mohd Umbaik) at the Prison Headquarters, in Kajang today.
Basically the main aim of the meeting was to discuss possible research collaboration involving Methadone Maintenance Theraphy (MMT)between the two HICoEs and the Prison Departnment. Currently, an on-going research titled "Cost-Effectiveness of Harm Reduction in HIV/AIDS Using MMT" compares MMT treatment at private hospitals, government hospitals and NGO Clinics at SAHABAT. Hence, MMT at prisons constitutes another useful comparison. Within the prison setting, at least three prisons at Penor, Jelebu and Seremban are currently dedicated for treatment of drug users. The prison department welcomes such university-prison research collaboration. We certainly look forward for such joint works.