Thursday, July 19, 2012

Publication Workshops

The university's Institute of Leadership & Quality Management (iLQAM) recently organized two publication workshops in two state campuses - UiTM Perak on 16th July and UiTM Perlis on 19th July 2012.  Professor Dr Normah Omar, Director of the Accounting Research Institute was tasked to conduct the workshops.  As a pre-requisite, participants had to bring at least one draft article which they would have to submit by the end of the workshop. Basically, the workshops were attended mostly by relatively junior researchers.  The two-fold objectives of the publication workshops were firstly to expose or familiarize the researchers to journals that are indexed by ISI Thomson, SCOPUS and Excellence Research of Australia (ERA).  Once the participants were familiar with the journals and their respective requirements, the second objective was to get them to submit their article to their selected journal via the online submission mode.  During the workshops, participants had to identify at least five indexed journals in their respective fields. Then, they had to identify one journal to which they plan to submit their articles. A total of fifty participants attended the workshops at the two state campuses.  At the end of the workshops, several papers were successfully submitted to various indexed journals.