Wednesday, October 10, 2012

University Briefing on LRGS

It's time of the year again when the Ministry of Higher Education opens up for new applications for the Long Term Research Grant Scheme (LRGS).  Essentially, LRGS projects should focus on seven critical areas namely: Global warming; Infectious diseases; Tropical Medicine; Safety - energy & water; Food security; Advanced manufacturing and ICT.  Though on the outset, the topics are very much science & technology centric, social science researchers can still submit research proposals that are of impact to the nation.  Researchers may propose topics that support the six National Key Researclt Areas (NKRAs): (1) Accessibility to quality education, (2) Crime Reduction; (3) Fight Against Corruption; (4) Raising Standards of Low-Income Households; (5) Improving Infrastructure in Rural Areas and (6) Public Transportation.  Researchers are to submit a 5-page proposal by 29th October 2012.  The research projects must involve at least three universities or research institutions.