Saturday, April 12, 2014

ARI-PBBM Integrated Training and Conference 2014 - Day Four

Day Four

Today is dedicated for an in-house training where participants are involved in the so-called "Inter-Agency Forum -the Sharing of Best Practices of Corporate Governance of Malaysian Statutory Bodies".  Since the theme of the training program is "Untangling the Divergence", the focus of discussions is on diversity and how an institution should work on employees' strengths and expertise.  To showcase personal diversity, the participants are also introduced to the concept of personality theory.  Specifically, the model used by Florence Littauer was discussed.  In her book titled "Personality Plus", Florence Littauer introduces four personality types namely (i) Perfect Melancholy, (ii) Peaceful Phlegmatic, (ii) Happy Sanguine, and (iv) Powerful Choleric.  In Personality Plus, Florence Littauer gives us valuable insight for appreciating your one-of-a-kind, God-given personality. She includes a Personality Profile test that reveals how our unique blend of traits affects our emotions, work performance, and relationships.  More importantly, participants were encouraged to understand others, particularly their employees on these diverse personality.  After all, a successful organisation needs to work in teams. After the forum, participants were taken for London City visits.