Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Congratulations Winners

The Accounting Research Institute (ARI) congratulates all ARI Contingent members who have participated in the 3-day Invention, Innovation and Design Exposition 2014 (IIDEX 2014) and won big: five golds, six silvers and second runner up for the best contingent awards (from a total of 45 contingents).  Lists of  winning products are as follows:
1. Composite Integrity Index (CII) for Public and Private Sector Organisations: The New Frontiers (GOLD)
2. i-TRITS - Individual Tax Return Integrity & Transparency System (GOLD)
3. Self Governance Assessment Tool for Social Entrepreneurs (GOLD)
4. Risk Management Assessment Tool for Social Entrepreneurs (GOLD)
5. FINDS: Fraud Digital Forensic Tool (GOLD)
6. Integrated Accountability System (SILVER)
7. i-CSR Statement of Recommended Practice (SILVER)
8. Financial Health Check-Up Kit for Local Authorities towards Better Governance (SILVER)
9. Apis (SILVER)
10. sRQ Reform (SILVER)
11. Social Collateral Analyser (SILVER)
Well done all winners.  In its effort to drive its research in Islamic Financial Criminology, ARI inculcates the culture of innovation. Innovation is the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, in-articulated needs, or existing market needs. This is accomplished through more effective products, processes, services, technologies or ideas that will be made available to markets, businesses, governments and the society.