Saturday, April 19, 2014

ARI-PBBM International Training - Day Eleven

Final Day

Today is our final day in Amsterdam.  We were taken to experience two "must dos" in Amsterdam: (i) Windmill and (ii) Canal excursion.  The Netherlands is synonymous for its windmills, clogs, tulips, canals, cheese markets… practically everything that you would expect to find in a charming and utterly picturesque country. But, whatever image you associate with the lowlands, the first thing likely to come to mind is the windmill (also known as molen). For centuries, windmills have helped the Dutch fight water shortages so it is little wonder that they were the first to develop ‘windmill technology.’ In the glory days, the Netherlands
boasted more than 10,000 mills but the molen population today stands at a mere 1,000. 

Many of the remaining mills are open to the public and a couple have even been transformed into homes.  In the morning, we were taken to visit a village famous for its windmills.  Later in the afternoon, we took the canal excursion in Amsterdam city.  In the evening, the group left Amsterdam for our lovely country Malaysia.  Home sweet home, but what a wonderful experience we had in England and Holland.