Tuesday, October 27, 2015

APMAA Conference 2015 - Day 2

After a very successful first day with PhD Colloquium, APMAA Conference 2015 proceeded with its second day event at another site.  Udayana University,  the oldest public university in the province of Bali hosts the APMAA conference proper.  The opening ceremony of APMAA Conference 2015 was by itself a very grand event - with a special Balinese dance, cultural show and "hitting" of the gong to symbolize an auspicious occasion.  After the opening ceremony, APMAA conference starts with two plenary sessions that discuss the theme "The Role of Management Accounting Towards Sustainable Development". The morning session was held in the university Grand Ballroom.  In the afternoon, parallel sessions were held in ten different seminar rooms.  This year sees 120 conference papers being submitted by researchers from sixteen different countries.  In the evening, the six organizing universities hosted a welcome dinner for all participants at the Pramar Sanur Beach Hotel Bali.  Audiences were later entertained with Shadow show or more popularly known as "Wayang Kulit" and other Balinese dance.
Wayang kulit is the most popular form of shadow theatre in Indonesia.  It has been extremely important in the development of Javanese and Balinese theatre, as most of the other forms of classical theatre have derived their story materials, stylisation and many performing techniques directly from it.  During the dinner, Chairman of APMAA, Professor Susumu Ueno presented thank you "momentos" and certificates of appreciations to all hosts of APMAA Conference 2015.