Monday, October 19, 2015

UiTM Global Leadership Program

In 2014, Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) established a student-based leadership initiative called Global Leadership Program.  Basically the program provides leadership skills to selected students by inviting renowned scholars and practitioners to share their leadership experiences.  The first cohort comprises seventy-two students who have been "hand-picked" by their faculties and deans as pioneer participants for the program.  Basically. these are Deans' List scholars who have achieved commendable academic results and are keen to make time to learn some very important leadership skills.  At the end of the program (which lasts over a period of one year), students are expected to have acquired life and leadership skills.  In addition to their already very good academic performance, they are also well-groomed leaders with good communication skills, strategists, visionary and adjust well with the environment they live in.  They are better-prepared for the job-market.  Some even want to start their own business and become employers themselves.  In a recent workshop, Accounting Research Institute (ARI) Director, Professor Dr Normah Omar has been invited to share ARI successes as Global Islamic Finance Awards (GIFA) winners for two consecutive years: GIFA 2014 for "Best Islamic Finance Education Provider" and GIFA 2015 for "Pioneering Islamic Financial Criminology Research".