Saturday, November 28, 2015

ARI-PBBM Training in Dubai, Jeddah, Madinah & Mecca

After a very successful training in 2014, the Malaysian Association of Statutory Bodies (Persatuan Badan-Badan Berkanun Malaysia or PBBM) invited the Accounting Research Institute (ARI) to co-organize another training program for its members to Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.  The 2nd Training titled "Islamic Practices & Development  Training - IPDT- 2015" has attracted 25 participants from various statutory bodies in Malaysia.  Two ARI fellows , Associate Professors Dr Zuraidah and Dr Jamaliah have been appointed by PBBM to facilitate the two-week training program.  Included in the training programs, is among others, participation at an international conference in Dubai, visiting successful corporations in Saudi Arabia, interaction with successful Islamic Finance researchers and scholars, Sharing sessions and colloquiums by participants with government & research agencies as well as performing Umrah in Mecca. PBBM-ARI Training Collaboration has been very successful.  Since 2012, ARI-PBBM has successfully organized professional training programs and site visits to New Zealand (forest & water management, tourism and public sector organisations), UK (Oxford University, Cambridge University, local authorities), Amsterdam (environmental management) and Saudi Arabia (Islamic finance, Islamic management, Wakaf & Zakat management).  The focus of the training programs is through "hands-on" approaches where participants are exposed to real-life situations and they have the opportunities to participate in real-life solutions. IPDT 2015 runs from 23rd November to 7th December 2015.  Next year, another training program has been planned for Bangalore, India.  Participants will have the opportunity to visit IT Silicon Valley in Bangalore and learn about the traits of "out-sourcing" as a mushrooming industry in India.