Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Asian Academic Accounting Association Conference 2015

The 2015 yearly conference of the Asian Academic Accounting Association (AAAA or 4A)  took place in Bandung, Indonesia on 15-17 November 2015.  Hosted by Universitas Indonesia, the three-day event was well attended by almost 300 participants from twelve countries.  The 4A was launched in 1998 to serve as the potential professional organization for accounting academics in Asia and beyond.  It brings together colleagues from many countries to share their research as well as to discuss pedagogical and other issues of mutual interest. 4A mission is to  facilitate collaborations and programs to enhance accounting education and research.  Themed "Accounting Fraud, Corruption and Earnings Deception" the conference papers are accordingly grouped into various related panel sessions.  They are namely "Fraud and Deception",  "Financial Reporting Issues", "Corporate Governance Issues", "Accounting Education Issues", "Auditing Issues", "Earnings Management Issues", "Taxation Issues", "Capital Market Issues", "Accounting Information Issues", "Environmental Issues", "Government Accounting Issues" and "Other Contemporary & Disclosure Issues".  Professor Dr Normah Omar, Director of the Accounting Research Institute, Universiti Teknologi MARA has been invited to deliver a keynote sppech entitled "Accounting Fraud, Corruption and Earnings Deception".