Thursday, February 2, 2012

AML Research with TESS International

The Accounting Research Institute (ARI)and TESS International Group of Companies, (also known as TESS International)have agreed in principle to work collaboratively on research projects related to Anti Money Laundering (AML). Whilst ARI is a Centre of Excellence that drives its niche research area in Islamic Financial Criminology, TESS International is one of the leading regional financial software application providers, with specific specialisation in AML practice solution. In a meeting between officers from TESS International and ARI researchers which was held this morning, an understanding was reached that TESS International would allow ARI researchers, including post graduate students to undergo research internship programs at TESS. In tandem with its expertise, TESS International will facilitate ARI to develop suitable practice solutions for AML research projects. ARI on the other hand will assist TESS in conducting market and customer-based research, the findings of which would provide useful feedback to both parties. In today's meeting, TESS International was represented by its officers Mr Satish, Mr Peter and Mr Yap. Meanwhile, ARI was represented by Prof Normah, Prof Rashidah, Associate Prof Dr Zuraidah, Associate Professor Dr Roshayani and Associate Professor Dr Wee. Also present was Mr Aaron Lau from ACAMS (Malaysia).

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