Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mazda Seven Guiding Principles

In an interview with the Star Newspaper, Mazda Motor Corp representative director, president and chief executive Takashi Yamanouchi spoke of the "seven guiding principles", a management philisophy that is being practiced successfully by the company to maintain its competitive edge.  Basically, the principles are built on the belief that investing in people is important to build a company that employs people who enjoy their work.  Premised on this belief, the seven guiding principles are namely: integrity, basic & flawless execution, continuous improvement (kaizen), challenger spirit, self initiative, tomoiku or mutual learning and 1Mazda.  The concept of 1Mazda aims to instill into employees of Mazda to be sincere, faithful to the basics, to have a challenging spirit, to mutually develop others and oneself.
Note: Some captions of this entry have been extracted from the Star Online Newspaper 5th August 2012 - Business section