Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Research on Islamic Microfinancing

In driving its research niche in Islamic Financial Criminology (IFC), the Accounting Research Institute (ARI) is promoting a research agenda related to Islamic Microfinancing.  Recognising the gap in the existing microfinance business framework, ARI researchers are proposing on the need to link entrepreneurs with a reputable business partner to provide a total value chain to the microfinance agenda of business sustainability and poverty eradication.  Today, ARI researchers met up with a prominent business owner, Dato' Ameer, who is the Managing Director of Mydin Holding.  Mydin is the largest and most well established Malaysian retail and wholesale organization with more than 72 outlets.  Currently, Mydin products range from food line, household, soft line and hard line items.  From the meeting and discussion, Dato' Ameer has agreed in principle to participate as "viable business partner" in the Islamic Microfinance research project.  A pilot project which will commence in September/October 2012 will involve selected entrepreneurs to be jointly decided by ARI and Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia (AIM).