Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Meeting Charity Organisations in Kelantan

ARI wishes to thank all the participants from various charity organisations in Kelantan who took part in our focus group discussion today. The meeting, which was held at the SAHABAT office in Kota Bharu was coordinated by our counterparts from INFORMM HICoE. The program is part of the two HICoEs' (ARI and INFORMM) community project.
ARI's three research fellows, namely Associate Professor Dr Nizal, Dr Radiah and Dr Norli facilitated the meeting. Basically, the main purpose of the meeting was to identify problems and challenges often faced by charity organisation when managing and reporting their financial transactions. It was basically addressed by participants that they need specific training in financial management and in financial reporting.
Some of the charity organisations who took part in the meeting have also mentioned that they are in dire need of the right personnel to help them carry out their activities. Another challenge was in getting funding from corporate or individual donors and philanthropists so that they can do more community works for the needy...

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