Sunday, April 17, 2011

Understanding MyRA

As part of the Malaysia Higher Institutions' Strategic Plan (PSPTN) of promoting research and innovation, the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE)introduced the MyRA instrument in 2006 and further improved it in 2009. MyRA which stands for Malaysia Research Assessment Instrument is used to assess the research performance of (i) APEX University (ii) Research Universities (RUs) and (iii) Higher Institutions' Centre of Excellence (HICoE). Effective 2009, all other universities are also required to self-assess and submit annually, their MyRA score to MOHE. MyRA is divided into nine sections (A to I). Section A is General Information, where universities and centres of excellence must list information related to (i) Number of Academic Staff, (ii) Total number of fulltime students and (iii) Number of centres/institutes that receive their own operational budget. Section B provides details on the aspects of Quantity & Quality of Researchers. Section C details out the information on Quantity & Quality of Research. Section D focuses on the Quantity of Postgraduates (Master & PhD by Research). Section E elaborates on theQuality of Postgraduates. Section F promotes Innovation & Intellectual Property. Section G details out income generation activities through Professional Services and Gifts/Endownment. Section H lists all the Networking and Linkages being successfully forged by the universities and CoEs. Section I highlights all the Support Services available to to universities and coes. Details components and glossary for all items encompassed by MyRA can be accessed at

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