Wednesday, April 13, 2011

PSARC Course with IPN

ARI wishes to congratulate the Public Sector Accounting Research Centre (PSARC) for its success in conducting a financial reporting course for government officers and accountants at the Institut Perakaunan Negara (IPN). PSARC Head, Associate Professor Dr Nafsiah Mohammed and another PSARC senior member, Associate Professor Dr Ruhaya Atan successfully conducated a workshop on "Awareness on Accrual accounting" to government officers at the Institut Perakaunan Negara (IPN)campus in Sabak Bernam. Due to their impressive performance, IPN has appointed them to conduct the same course from 27-28 April 2011. As the Accountants General Office (AGO) will be converging towards Accrual Accounting, the demand for such course is expected to be high, hence ARI expects that there will be more workshops to come. The Accountant General Office will brief PSARC on their plans in the near future. AP Dr Nafsiah and AP DR Ruhaya have also been invited to give a 1-day workshop on "Forensic Accounting in Public Sector" on 18 April 2011. Congratulations PSARC, Dr Nafsiah and Dr Ruhaya.

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