Saturday, April 9, 2011

Thank You AG & IIA

The success of any accounting research will very much dependent on the collaboration and cooperation offered by accounting professionals and practitioners out there in the industry. One of ARI's research projects requires the involvement of three groups of auditors namely government auditors, internal auditors and external auditors. The project entitled "The Effectiveness and Usage of Fraud Risk Indicators in the Audit of Financial Statement". For Malaysian auditors, they are governed by the requirements of the International Auditing Standard No. 240 (IAS 240) - Auditors Responsibility to Consider Fraud in Financial Statement Audit. Hence the research project requires auditors to cooperate with ARI by aswering a set of questionnaires. The Auditor General Office in Putrajaya (representing the government auditors) as well as the Institute of Internal Audit (representing the internal audits) have already indicated their commitment to facilitate our research. Today, ARI handed over some questionnaires to both AG and IIA offices. Thank you very much for your kind cooperation. May this exemplary cooperation be an example to all practitioners and accounting professional bodies. Thank you...

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