Thursday, April 14, 2011

Third HICoE Meeting at INFORMM

All six HICoEs met today in Kota Bharu. The third HICoE meeting was hosted by INFORMM from Universiti Sains Malaysia. As planned in our previous January meeting at UMPEDAC, the HICoE published its first Bulletin. Thank you UMBI for coordinating the data collection from all members and to facilitate with the publication. Great job. The meeting today basically addressed on the need for the HICoEs to collaborate with one another. Two examples of collaboration being mentioned in the meeting were firstly, the joint-postgraduate conference between INFORMM and UMBI which was held on 13th to 14th April 2011 in Kota Bharu. The second collaborative work is the joint-research project between ARI and INFORMM. The research on "Cost Effectiveness of Harm Reduction Program for HIV" is currently ongoing and ARI is confident that it can contribute significantly to the body of knowledge by introducing some accounting-based cost-benefit analysis to the project. ARI further offered itself to the other HICoEs as possible research collaboration partner. The meeting has also decided that ARI will host the fourth HICoE meeting in July 2011. UMPEDAC is also tasked with the publication of the second HICoE Bulletin in July. The focus of our second HICoE Bulletin is to highlight preliminary findings of at least one HICoE fundamental research. Congratulations everyone, see you all in Shah Alam...

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