Saturday, May 21, 2011

2011-2015 Accountancy Strategic Planning

As a strategic partner to the Faculty of Accountancy, ARI participated in the faculty's recent strategic planning retreat held at the Pan Pacific Hotel, KLIA. Specifically, ARI has been assigned to participate in the specific "island" that was to discuss on what is expected of a research faculty. In a recent university's academic conference held in February, eight faculties (Faculty of Accountancy is one of them) have been named as research faculties. As such, research faculties and centres of excellence will be the main players to spearhead the university's research agenda at the Shah Alam campus. Premised on the requirements of the MyRA form the team specifically outlined strategies that a research faculty should focus on: (i) Number of Principal Investigators, (ii) Number of PhD/Professional-qualified staff, (iii) Number of PhD students & Graduates, (iv) Number of research projects, (v) Amount of External Research Grants, (vi) Number of indexed publications or citation or value of journal impact factors, (vii) Innovation/IPR/gifts and (viii) Resources and Support Facilities.

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