Monday, May 23, 2011

Dr Nizal's New Book

ARI congratulates our research fellow, Associate Professor Dr Mohd Nizal Haniff over the publication of his new book titled "Wanita dan Dunia Kewangan Peribadi" - Personal Finance for Women. As the backbone of any family, women play an extremely important role in keeping their family financing in order. Personal Finance for Women provides simple step-by-step techniques that women can use to strategize their family financing. Strategies include prudent expenses, lean budgeting and deliberate small-scale investment or saving. One lesson being stressed by this book is the fact that saving or investment must be provided for in any family budget and it should never be done only if there's "left over" in the budget at the end of the month (as there will never be any left over). Put aside some amount as saving, then use the remaining fund for expenses or to pay up liabilities. Well done Dr Nizal....

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