Sunday, May 22, 2011

Accountancy Five-Year Strategic Planning

The Vice Chancellor, Dato' Professor Ir Dr Sahol Hamid provided a morale booster to all members of the Faculty of Accountancy when he took time off his busy schedule to attend the faculty's strategic planning event over the weekend. Dato' Sahol spent a good two hours with the faculty members, sharing his vision on how to put UiTM on the world map. As a premier faculty, the Faculty of Accountancy has a lot of potential to be a global player. Through its professional programs, ACCA, for example is awarding a Platinum Status to UiTM. Such Stature is only awarded to deserving tuition providers who have achieved a commendable percentage of passing rate globally. With its global partners, the faculty hopes to champion new research areas such as green accounting, carbon accounting, charity financial reporting framework, reputational accounting index, integrity accounting framework and many others.

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